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Highschool Edition

Somehow, the guys seem to have grown up in real time. After 11 years, when the first page to the Tutu universe went online, the next part comes after a time jump!
Haruhiro and Dmitri go to school together and have been practicing ballet since childhood. While Haru has not lost sight of his goal, Dmitri is no longer so enthusiastic about the ballet. His thoughts usually revolve around his comrade, who somehow can hardly understand.

BIG BLIND – Pink Tights and a Tutu

(One Shot / completed)

‘BIG BLIND’ is a stand-alone spin-off to the webcomic “pink tights and a tutu”.
When Jakucho learns that Étienne has not finished with a sad chapter in his life, he wants to help. At the same time, he finds himself in a situation that shakes their blurred relationship.
Still he wants to take the risk that his decision will lead to uncertainty.
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